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7 Tips to Help You Manage And Deal With Stress

7 Tips to Help You Manage And Deal With Stress

Stress is our body’s natural response to internal or external expectations and our temporary perceived disability to cope with the demand. For instance, you may experience stress if you have to work on an assignment from school or you have a deadline to meet at work, and you are already behind, or you are in a relationship, and you cannot reach your partner’s expectations.

Stress is not always bad; in fact, our survival is dependent on our ability to get stressed and respond in fight or flight situations. Also, stress can also be a boost to get through difficult situations. Remember how stressed you were when you couldn’t complete an assignment only to work relentlessly and finish it just before the deadline. That was because you were stressed and your body and mind worked in harmony to get you out of that situation.

However, stress in excess can be harmful for you and your health. Staying stressed most of the time can affect your immune system, cause cardiovascular irregularities and affect your central nervous system. Also, if not treated on time, stress can cause mental issues like anxiety disorder, insomnia and also result in depression.

According to The American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress and 42% say their coworkers need such help.

It is, therefore, crucial to learn how to deal and manage stress for a healthy life. In our previous post, we also discussed 9 Signs Of An Unhealthy Stressed Lifestyle, check it out if you hadn’t already.

In this post, I will share seven proven ways one can adopt in their lifestyle to successfully manage stress.

1. Pursue A Hobby

Pursue A Hobby

Pursuing a hobby is known to help you manage and reduce stress. Since your hobbies are something you enjoy, it is one of the ways to naturally relieve stress and make you feel calm. If you have any hobby that you pursued before but left it because you got busy, now is the time to take it up. Be it reading, writing, playing music, or running, make it a point to include your hobby as an integral part of your daily schedule and notice how it can help you reduce stress.

2. Smile More Often

Smile More Often

Just the act of smiling will relieve any stress manifested through your facial muscle and will make you feel less stress in stressful situations. Our emotions and expressions are just a manifestation of how we think, so when we are stressed, we tend to express that stress through our face. Most people don’t notice this but when you are stressed, your facial muscles are tightened, and you usually frown. A simple smile can go a long way in such situations.

3. Take A 10 Minutes Walk

Take A 10 Minutes Walk

What smile does to our facial muscles, a walk will do for our body. Whenever you feel that you are stressed, take a 10 minutes walk, and you will feel a lot better. If you want to make your walk more effective, try walking briskly rather than slowly. A walk will refresh your mind and body reducing your stress to a much more manageable level.

4. Listen To Music

Listen To Music

While you are taking a walk, you can plug in your earphones and listen to your favorite music. Music is known to reduce stress level, and if you prefer listening to motivational music, it will give you an extra emotional boost to conquer the task that stresses you out.

5. Take Out Time To Exercise Regularly

Take Out Time To Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly helps you to blow off some steam, and your body relieves stress. However busy your schedule is, take out one hour everyday to workout. You can choose any activity if you don’t like weight training, the point is to get some physical activity every day. You will be surprised how exercising can help you keep your stress under control.

6. Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Meditation helps you get in control of yourself and keep your stress level manageable. Practicing meditation every morning will help your mind remain calm throughout the day. If you do get stressed during the day, the simple act of focusing on your breathing will help you regain control and reduce stress instantly. Also, practicing mindfulness by being conscious of your actions and emotions helps you to remain virtually stress-free.

7. Be Proactive Rather Than Reactive

Be Proactive Rather Than Reactive

The practice of being proactive takes time to master, but once you do, you can almost reduce any stressors from your life. The key to master this art is not to react whenever stressful situations present itself, but to think of solutions to solve the situation. Eventually, you will anticipate stressful situations in advance and take measures to find a solution way before it occurs or better, avoid it altogether.

These were some of the tried and tested ways to manage stress. Let me know if these ways helped you manage your stress. If you have any other ways you use to manage your stress, please share it with us as it will hopefully help someone who is stressed out and reading this article to manage their stress.

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